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Contamination Removal from Vehicles

Dab successfully remove most types of airborne contamination from all types of transport, including motor cars, motor bikes, trucks, plant, caravans and luxury marques.

Our swift response enables us to mobilize teams to work at the site of the contaminant anywhere on the mainland UK.

We aim to keep off road time to a minimum through efficient planning and expert restoration techniques with each vehicle normally restored within the working day. In large multiple unit claims, we allow sufficient manpower to complete the job in record time, minimizing or eliminating further claims for business interruption and consequential loss and saving our clients both time and money.

Each vehicle is imaged and a satisfaction note is filled in detailing pre-condition report before commencement of restoration. Upon completion the owner or agent inspects the work and confirms that the restoration has been achieved by signing our paperwork. Claimants have full access to our technicians during the restoration process and when it is finished inspect and sign off their own vehicles.

Our work does not affect anti corrosion warranties. If required, we are able to re-apply specialist polymer coatings upon proof of a valid receipt.

We work very hard to tailor our service to meet the needs of our clients and enjoy a preferred status with leading motor insurers and loss adjusters in the UK.