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What We Do

What We Do

90% of vehicles damaged by fallout or overspray can be restored without respray at a fraction of the cost.

In the densely built environment that comprises a large part of the UK, industrial fallout and construction site spillage and overspray are regularly occurring problems. The resulting damage to the paintwork and glass of nearby parked vehicles and even to parts of adjacent buildings requires an efficient and cost effective solution if crippling insurance losses are to be averted. Our business was conceived as a comprehensive answer to these problems wherever they occur on the mainland.

We have successfully restored vehicles damaged by all these products


How do we proceed?

Priority number one

The first principle of our business is to gain all the information needed to make the right judgment on how to proceed. When we receive a phone call from an insurance claims officer or loss adjuster outlining an incident, we take the earliest opportunity to ask all the questions that will enable us to gain a rapid understanding of the problem. If accurate information about the site of the incident and the contaminating product is available we are frequently able to give an indicative quotation without making an on-site inspection. We find it more efficient to work in this way when one, or a small number of cars, is involved - sometimes through a franchised bodyshop. In these cases the availability of digital images is a great help. We also consider it environmentally responsible to avoid unnecessary journeys by road wherever possible.

Visiting the site

Where large numbers of vehicles are involved in a single incident an on-site investigation of the problem at the earliest opportunity is an essential tool in gaining the confidence of vehicle owners. At the same time as inspecting all the vehicles available on site our inspector can also demonstrate our techniques to claimants and reassure them that we can offer a complete on-site clear-up however large the numbers involved without any inconvenience to individual owners. This is often the key to holding the claim together and avoiding random, costly solutions that drag on for months. Over the years we have devoted hundreds of man-hours to looking at surface damage on cars and we believe that our record of thousands of vehicles successfully restored speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on the high percentage of our investigations that lead to instructions to proceed but must point out that inspections involve considerable cost in time and travel and are therefore chargeable unless we are subsequently instructed to undertake the clear-up.

What’s our secret?

Time management

1. When liability is established and we are instructed to proceed with rectification we can mobilise a team to work at the site anywhere in mainland UK.  2. Through efficient planning and expert restoration techniques off-road time is reduced to a minimum (Each vehicle is restored normally within a working day).  3. Even when large numbers of vehicles are involved we allow sufficient manpower to complete the job in record time.

Technical expertise

1. Restoration work on each vehicle is carried out by hand using a range of surface benign products. We have, therefore, been able to prove that the thousands of vehicles, both pre-registration and re-sale, that have been submitted to our process have suffered no prejudice to the manufacturers’ anti-corrosion guarantee. In the majority of cases these products are also environmentally friendly and we take great pride in our ability to work without negative impact on the surrounding environment.  2. The exterior finish on today’s car is the ultimate in paint technology and cannot be replicated outside the original production plant. This is why the integrity of the original paint system should be preserved and costly resprays used only as an absolute last resort. In our experience 90% of vehicle contamination incidents can be fully and effectively restored without resorting to repainting.

Detailed information

While working on-site we maintain a daily record of the total job that includes a detailed satisfaction note for each vehicle. This forms the basis for our itemised invoice presented weekly or on completion and a total archive of the job is held in our office for future reference.